9 Lives to Valhalla

You are a death metal viking cat, guided personally by DEATH, earning your place in the drinking halls of Valhalla by casting a glorious wake of blood and carnage upon the blighted earth in each of your nine lives. Nine lives to stalk the earth! Nine times to die with sword in paw! Nine Lives to Valhalla!

An original ttrpg for 2-6 players.

The Wreck of the Murderous

The viking cat crew of the longship Murderous has wrecked upon the shores of a black sanded beach. Before them lies a ruined city ruled by animal gangs, a defiled necropolis, and a ziggurat shrouded in mist. Only their close companion DEATH knows what they will face after… The Wreck of the Murderous!

A 9 Lives to Valhalla adventure for 2-6 players.

High Magic Lowlives

The golden age of adventuring is over. The dungeons are delved, the tombs have been raided, the dragons are broke. But take heart, wizard school dropout! The gold is still out there, it's just in the vaults of the immortal aristocracy, protected by private mercenaries. Charge your phone, livestream your delve, build your #brand, and get the coin or die trying.

An original ttrpg of wizard school dropouts for 3-6 players.

Hycadia - a HML City

Welcome to Hycadia! This city of wealth, commerce, and industry has something worth exploring around every bend. Ride the party bus, see some sights, take some wrongs and make them rights.

A setting for High Magic Lowlives and other post-dungeon fantasy games; in development through 2023.

Dukk Börg

A fowl wind blows down the streets of DUKK BÖRG, abandoned by all but those foolish enough to travel there and those cruel enough to survive. You and your clan have flocked as birds of a feather to almost certain ruin. Mysteries are yours to solve, histories are yours to write. For every day you will be out there, facing... DUKK BÖRG!

Dukk Börg is a module intended for use with MÖRK BORG.

The Weaver's Observatory

In an ancient tower outside of time, an explorer seeks to change their destiny by asking a boon of Fate herself. Explore the life of a character for whom every other hope has been extinguished as they traverse the tower's obstacles to learn whether the story ends in fortune or tragedy.

A 2 player adventure for Tunnel Goons.

Subway Runners

Life is tough for the cash-strapped in Pociopolis. Ever since the secret to immortality was discovered, nobody retires anymore! With all the steady jobs taken and no sign of any new ones opening up, there’s only one sure way to make some quick cash: sign up as a Subway Runner and work for the Metro Authority to hunt monsters and repair subway lines below the city.

A Forged in the Dark game of gig economy adventures for 3-6 players online.

Neutron Axe

In the center of the cosmic maelstrom, the mushroom forests and blasted lands are home to mighty mutants, cunning hunters, brilliant hackers, and mysterious witches. They survive a world of cannibal gangs, cyber-dinosaurs, wizard kings, and insectoid warlords. It rules.

Neutron Axe is an original tabletop rpg ruleset for 2-6 players.

2022 Hex + Setting Collection

The 2022 Hex + Setting Collection is the culmination of a yearlong project designed to play with map styles, exercise our concise writing skills, and maintain regular creative practice. It's also an interdimensional world in which you can play.

Featuring 12 settings for random or sequential exploration with your favorite adventure game ruleset.

Federation HR

You and your fellow players are the newly assigned HR team on a starship conducting a five-year mission to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no man - sorry, person has gone before. The Captain is confident that this will be your easiest assignment. You're going to wait and see.

Federation HR is a collaborative party game designed for 1 or more players socializing online.